Fashion has always been a part of my life from an early age. My Mother infused fashion in me and made me the most divine cotton summer dresses swathed in psychedelic and paisley prints.

To this day, if I see paisley or a 60's print I am immediately drawn to it, instantly transporting me back to my early days and why I love what I do!

We all love glamour and fashion, fashion is part of our make-up. Fashion is a form of nonverbal communication, fashion is, in a nutshell, part of your soul.

Not only does fashion give the world a glimpse of who you are, but exactly what should be the mystery.

Fashion is like a second skin, a style about being yourself, more about making bold or eclectic choices than following trends. AliceJames is an exception to this rule, much like the designer herself; our collections are bold and vibrant, designed in sumptuous fabrics and made to flatter.

AliceJames is not about simply coming up with a style. It is about what helped define me as a child. Finding a way to infuse that into something I love is what AliceJames is all about.

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